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“Green” Toy Review – Green Toys Submarine

This was one of the presents that our kiddo received for Christmas this year and it is one of my favorites, here’s why.

  1. Made in the USA – didn’t have to be shipped here from China (not that being Chinese made is inherently bad for the planet, but it’s not a good start)
  2. It doesn’t take batteries or make any obnoxious noises (never realized how much I would appreciate this)
  3. Made from recycled materials (100% post-consumer in fact)
  4. Feels solid, it’s hard to put into words, but this is a well constructed toy that seems like it will be really durable.
  5. Simple & easy to recycle packaging. ┬áThe toy comes packed in a simple brown cardboard box (wish I had taken a picture), easy to unwrap, don’t have to take out a knife or scissors and no nasty plastic clam shell stuff either.
  6. Fun to play with – designed to be a bath toy but pretty fun in or out of the bath. In the bath it functions as a nice water scooper to wet down the kiddo and rinse him off.

Their website is if you want to get more information.