Review: BioKleen Bac Out Stain & Odor Eliminator

Best Use:
Stain Removal from clothing, upholstery and certain types of carpet (see bottom line)


Pretty versatile

Great at removing darker stains

Can purchase by the gallon

Laundry stain removal comparable to Spray & Wash

Decent smell

Septic safe


Will leave a “border ring” on microfiber after drying

Spray bottle quality is a bit lacking

I wish it was better at removing pet odors

Performance on cloth diapers may be overrated



Better than vinegar and baking soda?

Works better and doesn’t leave that vinegary smell on clothing & upholstery.  Vinegar & baking soda are better on thick carpet or carpets with thicker padding.

Bottom Line:

This is a highly rated cleaner on Amazon (4.3 out of 5 stars as of writing this) and I can see why.  Despite my list of cons, this is a versatile cleaner.  We received several gallons of this stuff when our child was born and we have almost gone through them all.  However, most of it was used in dealing with pet stains, rather than dirty diapers.  I now think that there are better products on the market for dealing with pet stains (Oxi-Clean, for example). However, we had lots of Bac-Out, and we put it to use.  It’s better than a lot of the more toxic pet stain cleaners, but probably not a class leader.  For laundry stains and odor removal, I think it is close to the top however.


You see, when our child was born, our dogs felt a bit left out.  We have spiteful little doggies (I call them the furry terrorists).  The furballs took to peeing in our hallway rather than outside (and it wasn’t for lack of opportunity to go outside).  In fact, it was this scenario that led me to start this cleaning product review site in the first place.  Bac-Out does a good of removing the physical evidence of these doggie accidents, but it just doesn’t seem to penetrate the carpet pad well enough to take care of all the odor.  What you are left with is a carpet that looks great, but smells less than great.


For whatever reason Bac-Out performs fine in the laundry room, and I think it is as good or better than Spray & Wash for removing most laundry stains.  It also performs well on upholstery.  However, with microfiber it seems to leave a ring around the border of the application area that takes a while to fade.  Rinsing the upholstery with water seems to help that, but then the upholstery is damp for quite a while whilst it dries.


But, all in all, I think this is a good product, especially as a switch hitter doing upholstery and laundry cleaning duty.